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We at WCHC wish to make you aware that all of our offices continue to follow the prescribed protocols for reducing/eliminating the spread of infectious diseases. We emphasize hand washing, disinfecting work surface areas between patients and appropriate use of personal protective gear such as gloves, masks and other protective clothing.  In this time of heightened concern for COVID-19, we would ask that  if you or your child are experiencing a fever, cough or other flu or cold type symptoms, that you call the clinic prior to coming in.  Our medical staff will then advise you on how best to proceed (clinic visit, telehealth visit, postponement of visit for a later date, treating at home, or seeking more urgent care at the hospital).  

If you or a family member have a fever and cold type symptoms we would ask that you stay home until the fever is gone and you’re feeling better.  We would also ask that if you’re sick, you avoid contact with senior adults as well as anyone with a chronic disease such as diabetes, COPD, asthma or heart problems. Remember to wash or disinfect your hands on a regular basis, cover your coughs with an arm or tissue, avoid touching your face with your hands, and use a fist or elbow bump in place of a handshake.  An excellent resource for the latest on COVID-19 is cdc.gov. 

Our medical and dental clinics and pharmacies will continue to remain open throughout this time, with modified staff to aid in social distancing. We are offering TeleHealth options for visits that qualify, so you can have the option to video chat with a provider from home. Please call us at (435) 425-3744 for WCHC Bicknell and (435) 826-4374 for Kazan Clinic Escalante with any questions on how to setup a TeleHealth visit or with any ongoing concerns.

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